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[INSTAGRAM] 160216 Minzy on a lunch date with Luna

The two went on a lunch date, and left very sweet and heartwarming messages along with photos for each other afterwards on their respective Instagram💕


Luna:We have a lot of similarities. We even like the same things.. We share many similar interests as well. Minzy really cares for me. Even though she’s busy, this smarty she greatly takes care of me! On top of being a hard worker, she has a kind heart… Minzy whom I can learn a lot from. I’m happier today because of this lunch with a friend.”


Minzy:Sunyoung whose heart is kind, her face is pretty, her words are sincere I’m a Sunyoung-holic I’m thankful that I can be with her as a friend>_<# The Best #friendship”


Lee Yongtae:A lunch meal with some beauties… Fighting! With Sunyoung and Minzy

Source: Minzy, Luna & yong_terry‘s Instagram
Translated by: Kelly Jane@EROMAKNAE


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