[PHOTOSHOOT] Full HQ Photos of Minzy x WKorea ‘Talking Body’ Pictorial

Minzy is featured on W Korea Magazine’s 2016 March Issue. Her spread in the magazine consists of her dancing to her own self-made choreography – a dance that reportedly reflects herself, illustrating her raw passion and love for dance. It was also reported that she spent six hours shooting for the photoshoot and continuously danced throughout. The full video of Minzy’s dance during the shoot will be released on March 11th. The following is an excerpt from WKorea’s Website:


“Gong Minzy touched on every bit of the beat, and without stopping, she danced. The story of the 23-year-old Gong Minzy is finely carried through her delicate dance moves. She calmly and quietly dances without uttering a word, but we can hear her story”

1 2 8 3 11 10 6 4 9 7

Photographed By: Yoo Young Kyu

Source: wKorea,
Translated by: Kelly Jane@EROMAKNAE


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