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★ #SupportingYouMinzy: Messages of Support for Minzy


Dear all,

In light of the recent news that Minzy there was an official statement released today that Minzy is officially leaving 2NE1 and YG Entertainment.

This is the full translated official statement released by YG today by @big_seunghyun

1 2

In light of the recent news, we would like to take this time to collate messages of support and encouragement for Minzy from fans. These messages will be compiled and passed along to Minzy at her dance academy in South Korea.

If you would like to participate in this, please email us your message of support to with the Subject titled ‘Support Message for Minzy’. Please do so by tomorrow night, April 6, 2016 at 2359 KST. Also, please try to keep your support messages within a 200-word limit.

We hope that you only send her supportive messages for her future. Making the decision to leave YG, to leave 2NE1, and all the people whom she’s spent more than half her life with, must have been quite difficult. For the past 2 years of hiatus, and all throughout 11 years in YG, she must have gone through some hard times as well. The reasons she has behind leaving YGE and 2NE1, we can only respect that.

We only hope that you will give her messages that will encourage her to persevere through any possible hard times that she might be facing in the future.

EROMAKNAE will continue supporting Gong Minzy as an individual, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

With lots of love and hugs to fellow Blackjacks & Minjas,
EM Admins


10 thoughts on “★ #SupportingYouMinzy: Messages of Support for Minzy”

  1. 민지 언니~!!! I’m crying right now 후후. We were a bit schocked because of your sudden decision 😦 we didn’t know what to feel, to be honest. 😦 but we understans that maybe you have some problems that you can’t share to public. 아이쿠 후후후후후~~ we will miss you maknaeee!!! We will always be at your back, don’t worry! We, blackjacks, are always here for you no matter what. But please, think about it again. 2NE1 is not 2NE1 if you’re not there. We love you Minzy 😭😭 사랑해요!!!!!!!!!! 😭😘😘💔❤

  2. Thank you Minzy for being my inspiration. This news is hard but we’ll grow from it. God has a plan for all of us and you probably feel he was calling you elsewhere. I love you Minzy, we love you Minzy. You’ve inspired us all and I hope you keep inspiring us. Love from the U.S.!

  3. Before now I has been an OT4 stan (and have only really been active on YGL and the now defunct H8 forum)
    This has made me realize that I can follow OT1 AND OT3 at the same time – so even though I have not been active here, please include my letter with the *Support Message for Minzy* in your mail to Miss Gong Min-Ji
    With love and respect for a great artist,

  4. No matter how much it hurts right now, just thinking about your smile and happiness makes me okay again. I want and hope you to do what you need to do in oder to achieve happiness and will 100% be behind you and supporting you. I want to show you as much love that you have shown blackjacks. Thank you Gong Minji. We love you to the moon and back.

  5. Minji-yah. Everything upsets me until now, but I understand you. Always remember that I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I WILL BE A FOREVER MINJA. I promise you, as soon as I finished school I will support your future works, projects. You are my sunshine, my everything. Stay strong my Minhgkki.SMILE baby girl! :*

  6. I begin to love and listen 2NE1 because of Minzy, when I see you for the first time Minzy… I just fall in love ! Your rap, your dance and your voice make me crazy.. I was like : “wow who is that amazing girl ?! She is so hot and talented”… I love you so much, I was waiting for your career solo since 2011, the first time I discovered 2NE1.
    I learned that you quit 2NE1 this morning by my best friend…I was like Minzy can’t leave 2NE1… She is the best of 2NE1 with CL !
    I will miss you my Eromaknae♥… if you will be happy without 2NE1, I respect that but please don’t stop music, don’t stop your career, I would like hear your voice again, I want you in a career solo…
    I was dreaming one day to see 2NE1 in concert, to see you… And now I am like ” omg I will never see Minzy in real ? in live ?”
    I love you Minzy and I will always support you…
    My Eromaknae you are beautiful, amazing, talented, hot, strong, a dance machine, dance queen, one of the most beautiful voice ♥.

  7. My mind is out of control . I just can’t take it no more. I like when people are truthful,
    That’s just how i am. I approached you sincerely .But you ended up avoiding me.
    We’re going round n round .I see myself getting tired from waiting. Two of are repeating it day by day, so bring it! Say what’s on your mind, so I can understand Tonight, I just wanna stay by your side. If you understand my heart. Then why you wanna leave me? – please dont go lyrics

    will always support and cheer for you gong minji where ever your path leads you. go chase that dream of yours and with no regrets. although my heart is crushed and hurt right now i understand and will respect your decision and will be excited for your future. proud blackjack and will continue supporting 2ne1 and minji. forever ot4 in my heart❤

  8. Yes, Minzy was my first (and still only) k-pop bias, for all these years. I hope for only the best for her. But I will definitely miss her being a part of 2NE1. Can there even be a 2NE1 without her?

  9. to be honest i am very affected about minzy happen it reflect to my work i am weak to my work to know about her because she’s my idol of the member 2ne1, i love mizy so much and i can’t accept YG decision about her, we love you minzy we will support what you are doing right now always keep to your mind god will always with you..god has a reason and plan on your journey…we love you from the ^philippines^

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