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[SHOW] KBS Sister’s Slam Dunk Season Two Official Posters & Airing Info


Starting Friday, 10 February 2017, Minzy is set to appear on Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2 with returning casts Kim Sook & Hong Jin-Kyung, and new lineup, Hong Jin-Young, Kang Ye-Won, Han Chae-Young & Jeon Somi. The show will be aired on KBS2 every Friday at 11PM KST. Be sure to tune in live if you have access to KBS! For those without direct access to KBS, you can livestream the show via this link ->

For English Subs, KBS World might release the subbed show on their Youtube. Alternatively, we may do a bit of subbing too. Do subscribe to our Youtube channel to keep up to date with subbed videos of Minzy!


The new season of Sister’s Slam Dunk focuses on a girl-group project with each of the members pursuing other projects to make their dreams come true. The cast has been reported to have completed their first filming session on January 27 and excitement abounds for the chemistry between the cast.


“수많은 히트곡을 배출한 최고의 걸그룹 투애니원 출신!
멤버들의 무한 신뢰를 받고 있는 실력파 가수, 공민지!

데뷔 9년 만에 이젠 무대에서 혼자일줄 알았던 그녀가
차라리 없는 것만 못한 말도 안 되는 동료들을 만나는데….”



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