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[NEWS] 170322 Minzy’s agency gives update on solo album and confirms Flowsik as new collaborating artist

On March 22, a source reported that Gong Minzy’s solo album, expected in April, would feature a collaboration with Flowsik.

Flowsik is a rapper whose list of achievements include an appearance on Mnet’s “Show Me the Money 5,” taking No. 1 on the U.S. iTunes R&B Album Chart in 2013, touring the United States, and signing a $11.3 million contract with Cash Money Records.

Later on the same day, Music Works gave an update on the upcoming album’s status. They stated, “The title track of Gong Minzy’s first solo album has not yet been decided. After the song is chosen, we will film the music video accordingly.

They added, “The title track is not yet confirmed, but the album will include self-penned songs from Gong Minzy and rap from featuring artists Jay Park and Flowsik.

Previously, Gong Minzy had announced she would be collaborating with Jay Park on the new album.

Translations by: Soompi


On March 22nd according to officials, Minzy’s first solo debut album which will be released at the end of April will feature Flowsik who has been on US iTunes R&B album’s top spot on charts back in 2013. Flowsik has also toured in the US and was signed to Cash Money under a $11.3 million contract. Flowsik also appeared in Mnet’s Show Me The Money 5 last year.

Minzy’s first solo album will be a mini album and she is currently preparing for their final stages. This will be her first album since leaving 2NE1 and moving to Music Works. She will also be including Jay Park on the album.

Minzy is currently on KBS2 Unnies’ Slam Dunk and has grown popular for her dance skills and charms.

Translations by: balloon_wanted


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