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[SHOW] 170403 Minzy stuns audience and celebrity panel as ‘Perilla Leaf Girl’ on MBC’s King of Masked Singer

Minzy surprised everyone by appearing on MBC’s King of Masked Singer as ‘Perilla Leaf Girl’. She competed with ‘Residence of Abundant Excitement’ (said to be phenomenal vocalist, Sohyang) in Round 1 with their rendition of Kim Bum Soo’s “I Miss You”. Unfortunately, Minzy lost in Round 1 with a voting score of 41-58 and performed Ann’s “A Painful And Painful Name” before revealing her face to the surprised audience and celebrity panel.

King of Masked Singer is a music program where celebrities of the entertainment industry go onto the show and perform songs behind masks. The audience and celebrity panel will make guesses on who the celebrities behind the mask are. Round 1 consists of a pair face-off in duets and the one who garners higher votes from the audience advances to Round 2. Round 2 consists of 4 individuals competing with solo performances before the eventual winner becomes the King. The King then competes with the previous King (from the previous episode) to take on the ultimate throne.

Check out the full low quality version & higher quality cuts of her performance below. Full subbed show found can be found here: http://wp.me/p1OzyV-cjQ

I Miss You – Sohyang & Minzy

A Painful And Painful Name – Minzy

tv Report via Naver: Kim Yeon Woo to Gong Minzy, mesmerizing 2nd year anniversary 

1. [+4,570, -99] Park Bom was was 2NE1’s main vocal and Gong Minzy was the alto vocalist but she’s always been well-rounded. She’s a dancer, vocalist and rapper.. Please do lots of solo promos!

2. [+4,227, -113] Gong Minzy is amazing at singing..

3. [+3,674, -114] Gong Minzy’s definitely not someone who’d be eliminated in the first round. What a shame

4. [+2,282, -132] So Hyang noona though, who can defeat her? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

5. [+1,539, -60] So Hyang finally came..

6. [+511, -10] Why make Gong Minzy and So Hyang compete in the 1st round? What’s up with today’s structure?

7. [+489, -10] After leaving YG, Gong Minzy’s appearing in more variety shows and she’s even releasing an album. She seems so much happier

8. [+437, -14] Gong Minzy’s vocal color is so nice.. She sounded mature in her interview

Sources: OH_Mes, MBC Entertainment, kkul-jaem


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