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[NEWS] 170404 Minzy reveals release date and schedule for upcoming album, Flowsik to feature in title track

Gong Minzy will finally be making her solo debut!

Her agency revealed on April 4 that the singer would be releasing her first mini album on April 17. Their statement also reiterated that rapper Flowsik produced her title track, and will also be featuring in it as well. Gong Minzy also released a schedule, previewing upcoming plans for concept photo images, teaser videos, and more!

Gong Minzy’s mini album will include a variety of genres from dance to ballad, and has already been put in the spotlight for news of including a collaboration with Jay Park as well as a self-composition. Notably, this mini album will mark her first solo release since leaving her former group, 2NE1.

Meanwhile, Gong Minzy has also been active as a part of “Sister’s Slam Dunk Season 2.”

Check out her release schedule below!

Translations by: Soompi


On April 4th, according to officials from Music Works, Minzy will be making her solo debut on April 17th. Her title track will feature rapper Flowsik.

The representative also added that Minzy is prepared to fully promote on broadcasts once her debut album has been released.

Minzy joined Music Works and has been working with them since her departure from YG Entertainment when her exclusive contract came to an end last May. This will be her first solo album since 2009 in the industry aside from Please Don’t Go with CL which was 8 years ago.

Currently, Minzy is appearing on KBS2’s UNNIES Slam Dunk 2 and is working on a girl group project before her upcoming solo debut.

Translations by: balloon_wanted


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