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[INFO] Minzy celebrates release of 1st solo album with a Makestar Project

Minzy is starting a donation project with Makestar for her 1st Solo Album titled MINZY WORK 01. UNO. Through Makestar, fans can either purchase reward sets of Minzy’s signed album, slogan, photocard sets, photoboo and more or contribute donations of any amount towards this project in support of Minzy’s 1st solo album. Partial profit from this donation project will go towards Single Mothers Shelter too.

The project will last from April 5 to May 8 and the sets are unlimited. If you’d like to purchase Minzy’s merchandise and signed album, do get it from Makestar. If you’re unable to make any financial contributions, do spread the word around via social media as any little bit helps.

Check out Makestar’s page for more details of the project:

If you have any enquiries, read through their FAQ, leave a comment or mention @Makestarcorp directly through Twitter.


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