Behind-The-Scenes, Instagram Updates, Sister's Slam Dunk Season Two

[BTS] Sister’s Slam Dunk Season Two EP 09 Behind-The-Scenes Photos

In Episode 9 of Sister’s Slam Dunk Season Two, the Unnies practice for their Immortal Song 2 appearance at their dorm and KBS’ broadcast station, witnessed the reveal of their full choreography and had rap lessons with rapper Killagramz too! Check out these behind-the-scenes photos shared by KBS and the members themselves.

우리스타일 화음~😚 harmony~ unnie's style~😆😍

A post shared by 한채영/HanChaeYoung/KoreanActress (@han_chae_young_) on

Source: Club KBS Naver, Naver News, Yewon, Chaeyoung, Jinyoung & Sook’s Instagram


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