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[INSTAGRAM] The Unnies starts the countdown to Minzy’s solo album release with congratulatory messages

The countdown to Minzy’s solo album release begins with messages of support from her fellow friends. The loveable Unnies started off the countdown with sweet supportive messages for Minzy. We can’t wait to see who is next in line in joining this countdown special!

“가창력, 댄스 실력 가수로서 모든 걸 갖춘 민지가 드디어 컴백을 한다고 하네요! 컴백 축하드리고요, 기대하겠습니다^^ Minzy, who has a great singing ability and is a talented dancer is finally making her solo debut! I congratulate her and look forward to her debut ^^ ”
Kim Sook

“드디어 공민지의 첫 솔로 앨범! 모두들 기대하고 계시죠? 춤이면 춤 노래면 노래 뭐든게 만능인 공민지 화이팅! Finally! Minzy’s first solo album! Is everyone awaiting with anticipation? Whether it’s dancing or singing, Minzy is great at it all! Fighting!”
Kang Yewon

“4월, 그녀가 옵니다! 누군 지 궁금하시죠~? 바로바로 댄싱머신 공민지 She is coming in April! Wondering who it is? It’s the one and only dancing machine, Minzy.”
Hong Jin Young

“공민지 첫 솔로 앨범! 모두 기대하고 계시죠? 춤 노래 다 되는 공민지 화이팅! Is everyone awaiting her comeback? Minzy who can dance and sing, fighting!”
Hong Jin Kyung

“민지 언니가 컴백을 한데요(드디어>.<) 많이 많이 응원해주시고 사랑해주세요! 정말 열심히 준비했으니까 많이 기대해주시구요! 민소매 화이팅! Minzy will be making her comeback (Finally >.<) Please give her lots of love and support! She has prepared really hard so please look forward to her debut ^^ Minzy and Somi Sisters Fighting!”
Jeon Somi

“꿀보이스에 파워풀한 댄스까지 다 가진 그녀의 컴백! 기대해주세요! The comeback of a girl who has got it all- a sweet singing voice and powerful dancing skills. Please anticipate her comeback!”
Han Chae Young


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