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[PRESS] 170428 Minzy & Flowsik heading to KBS Music Bank

With a weekly dose of press pictures as celebrities get their pictures taken when they head down to Music Bank, we are treated with a fresh round of new Minzy & Flowsik pictures today. Check out the press videos of the duo posing for pictures in the links below.

VStar | StarDaily | CBCNews | TopStarNewsSSTVkpopch | cheoli | Kpopmap | enewstv

°ø¹ÎÁö, 'ÆÒ½ÉÀú°Ý ¼ÕÀλç~'Ç÷οì½Ä-°ø¹ÎÁö, '»ç¶û °¡µæ ´ãÀº À®Å©~'Ç÷οì½Ä-°ø¹ÎÁö, 'Ãâ±Ù±æ ´Ï³ª³ë~'2804star12804star22804xsports12804tanta2804stardaily12804stardaily22804stardaily32804tvdaily12804tvdaily22804tvdaily3


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