Contact Us & Guidelines


If you would like to contact us in any way for any particular reason, feel free to drop us an e-mail or an ‘ASK’ on Tumblr ,a mention on Twitter , or a message on Facebook!


1. Random Minzy facts and quotes will be updated from time to time under the tab ‘About Minzy’. Know all that you need to know in the process of becoming a Minzy fan 🙂
2. GIFs and Fan Arts will be posted on our Tumblr from time to time. Follow us if you have not already!
3. If you’re looking for past Minzy me2day/tweet translations that are not on this blog, visit YGLadies where they have all the translations available.
4. If taking out any media (i.e photos, videos, audios), translations, compilations and articles, please take them out with full credits ( i.e Source: EROMAKNAE@WordPress.)


1. No bashing of anyone at all, especially towards the 2NE1 members.
2. No shipping.

Please respect the rules! ^^
But other than that, feel free to comment and spazz away! Spreading the Minzy love around ♥


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