Our History

『민지를 향한 끝없는 사랑』

A fansite dedicated to 2NE1’s multi-talented maknae, Gong Min Ji  공민지 『Est. October 2011』

With the merging of the previous theEROMAKNAE 『Est. August 10, 2011』 (http://www.theeromaknae.wordpress.com) and hellyeahMINZY『Est. June 9, 2010』on Tumblr, this new blog was founded and built upon by a whole bunch of dedicated Minzy fans worldwide. The purpose of this blog is to spread the Minzy love all around the international community. A place where Minzy fans, whether old or new, can learn things about Minzy, fall in love with her and show our dedication and love to her.

We also have our own Tumblr , Twitter , Youtube & Facebook. For more Minzy spazz, feel free to follow us ^^

Spread the Minzy love ♥ Spread the 2NE1 love 

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