Our Staff

EROMAKNAE is made up of Staffers who are part of a community of Minjas that absolutely and dearly love Gong Minzy. Among us, there are various people in charge of various duties that keeps our sites active. As EM Staffers, our main duty is to ‘Spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7′. Below is a list of our Staffers and a small introduction to each of them.

If you wish to be part of the team, please take a look at the HIRING page for more information.


zeelisious | Zak — Head Admin | Project Admin | WordPress Admin | Twitter Admin
Twitter: zeenatix

zeelisious is the name I go around by on the online world. I’m from Singapore and I’m a year older than Minzy 😛  I’ve always wanted to help start a Minzy fansite to share the Minzy love with fellow Minzy stans and I was pretty excited when the collaboration to get this blog going started ^^

I am a huge Minzy stan (along with being a proud Blackjack of course). At the start of my journey of becoming a 2NE1 stan, I remember I didn’t have a favourite at first. I loved all four equally. But Minji did grab my attention first when she did her pop and lock with Taeyang in Lollipop MV and consequently, with her splits and chest pops in Fire performances. However, at that point of time I haven’t exactly declared her as my bias or anything. Then, along the way, I think I became a true-blue Minji stan while watching 2NE1TV S1 and reading up about her etc. I don’t know why but I just did. I do have an immense amount of love and respect for all the four girls of course, but am biased for Minzy ^^

I love everything and everything about Minzy. Aside from her multi-talents (singing, dancing, rapping etc) that I absolutely go crazy for, I also love her for who she is. Her random ahjumma-ness, her kid/teenager-like attitude, her rebellious/stubborn attitude, her mature way of thinking, the way she always thinks positively, her interest in so many areas, how she is always giving her 100% in whatever she does, and the way she is onstage of course. She charmed me from the moment I saw her in 2NE1’s debut stage performance – the way she carried herself onstage was amazing. You can see she truly enjoys being onstage and she’s not scared to go crazy on it at all, which is what I absolutely love because the passion she has for performing – it’s all there in her eyes and actions. To make the long story short, I love Gong Min Ji ♥

soh0712 | XY — Head Admin | Project Admin | YT Admin | Translator
Twitter: soh0712

I see myself like a book? If you’re willing to continue reading it, I’d love to share and you’ll be sure to know me better after finishing the book..
I’m always going !@#%^&*!@#$^&*^&!#!@# *freaking out* after watching her performance.. What I love about Minzy the most was the confidence that she showed whenever she sings or dance.. What amazes me the most is her attitude and discipline towards life. I could learn alot from her although she’s younger than me~ ^^ The reason why I find her awesome is because she knows too much at her age.. XP

khiza2kaichan1 | Kai — Head Admin | Tumblr Admin 
Twitter: YGLkhiza

Minzy, or as I rather call her Minji is one of my four goddesses that descended from heaven. There are many things I like about her but if there is only one thing that I would name is her ability to be naïve looking after she dances a sensual dance. She can be as naïve as a little child whose eyes scream innocence but when the music starts she’s like a woman who knows the woes and throes of life. She maybe a child in my eyes but she is much more mature than I am that made me love her even more than I would.

Trying to guess who the hell I am? Maybe you have heard of me in the fanfiction world that writes about Minzy and a certain idol too, but here in eromaknae, I’m a writer for Minzy and Minzy alone. The username is khiza yet I like to be called by my nickname Kai. Primary fandom, Blackjack, other fandoms include, VIP, SONE and SHAWOL. So come at me in my personal accounts about the other fandoms but in eromaknae, only Minzy can be heard.

Gong Minji is awesome the way she is and her name says it all. You’ll be stupid if you don’t know why. Try to explore the site and you’ll get what I mean.

teaminzy | Adam — Web Designer | Twitter Admin
Twitter: teaminzy
Tumblr: ladyminzy

minzypics | Sel  Web Designer
Tumblr: minjayland21

Selene from Minzypics21 is here!! Now you can call me for my short name “Sel” ^3^ I’m a Latin girl who came here flying from a different place to reside in the KPOP world. I’m the kind of girl who loves trying new things! I’m a crazy fan of cooking, design, music, dancing, and psychology and with an obsession with books that talk about darkness.

One year ago, somebody sent me a video music of KPOP, “Clap your hands” to be exact and it is then when I fell in love with Park Bom!! For her voice and beautiful face but then, Minzy comes with all her power and her sexiness side and innocence at the same time!! So it was impossible not fall for her!!

I love my four girls but I have a lot of things in common with Minzy so maybe this is the reason why I love and admire her. I’m not young like Minzy because I am 23 years old so that means, I’m the unnie of all the beautiful girls and guys from EROMAKNAE, but I think that Minzy have many things that is attractive for us! And this is our way of showing our love to Minzy and we’ll keep doing this because she is amazing! Please love our Minzy and take care of her!!

pab0sarang | Lena — Translator
Twtter: pab0sarang

Hi there, people call me Lena, i’m from France, and i’m huge fan of 2NE1 since Lollipop ! Sticking with them since the beginning is something that makes me really proud haha ! I have to introduce myself but well… Nothing is really interesting. I love traveling and I lived in Japan three years ago, and I’m living in Korea now (until 2012 August). I’m here as a Korean translator (part time until school ends and that I go back to France).

If I’m here it’s also because I love our maknae a lot. I’m not ashamed saying she’s my favorite member and I tend to stan her more than any other artist around. I love her for everything, her cute side, her sexy side, her hard working side, her Se7en fangirling side, everything. I often said, and I said it to her already, that she is my inspiration even being younger than me. Her passion and her creativity are amazing to see, and after seeing her on stage,I came to love her even more (if that was possible). She is beautiful inside, and outside, and I’m happy to see her becoming an amazing lady as time is going.

That’s it for me, I’m just a French girl who looks at Minji as a really really proud big sister bounded together by music and dance.

harunarz | Haruna — Translator
Twitter: dumbseungri

Kelly Jane | Kelly — Translator
Twitter: kjop21_

I’m Kelly Jane. I was born in Cebu, Philippines but I live in the U.S. now, Oklahoma, to be specific. I learned Korean by myself and because of my love for 2NE1, I thought I should put my Korean knowledge to good use. (I’m so awkward with self-intros).

I love 2NE1 as a group and I always have a mental breakdown when people ask me who my bias is. Minzy is always… always the bias-list-wrecker. Her beauty, personality, talent, and… just her everything. She’s always so quiet in interviews but once she talks, she’s so mature and wise as the youngest. What gets me the most is when Minzy dances… her shoulder, hips, legs, her body just flows with the beat of the music you can’t help but love that girl. I can spazz more about Minzy, but I will stop here. Hehe.

big_seunghyun | Stacey — Translator
Tumblr: swaggalevel-1000 
Twitter: big_seunghyun

magiccq91 | Tyler — Wordpress Admin
Tumblr: magiccq91 
Twitter: magiccq91

Hello All…I’m Magic to most of the online world and Tyler to the rest. I’m a BlackJack though and though and a Minja all the same.  Minzy’s dances moves and strength in performance is what grabbed my attention about her from her debut but her deep thoughts and love of many things is what made my love for her that much stronger.

Doesn’t Minzy have awesome taste in like everything? From music to movies to books, she really knows the beauty in those things and I love how her taste varies as well as how she incorporates those tastes into her style, her thoughts, her words. Minzy’s mind is one of the most unique I have seen in kpop and she just keeps on surprising me with the things she reads, writes, quotes, says and so on.

When I absolutely knew Minzy was meant to be my one and only ultimate bias?  The time when she quoted one of my all-time FAVORITE quotes:

“Dream as if you’ll live forever, live as if you’ll die today.” – James Dean

That was the moment I knew she will forever be my favorite celebrity/idol/entertainer/superawesomeperson

Besides her taste, her warmth, friendliness, and humbleness  is another thing that I love about her. You can tell she doesn’t consider herself above others and feels like she is just another person shriving to make their dreams come true.

Minzy is the ultimate awesome and I love spreading the Minzy love and sharing it with Minjas and BlackJacks from all around the world.

4ever a Minja -Tyler

_JoOs | Justine — WordPress Admin | Subber
Twitter: _JoOs

eiz89 | Eli — Facebook Admin
Twitter: eiz89

seasickfish3 | Hiyori — Facebook Admin
Twitter: seasickfish3

maryeon | Margarida — Tumblr Admin | Graphic Designer
Tumblr(s): yeon / park-bom

Hey guys! I’m Margarida but you can call me Bommie. I’m from Portugal, in Europe. My birthday is in 19 of August. My main interests are music, dance, photography, gameplay, history, amongst many other things.

My love for Asia started when I was still like… 5 years old, when I watched currently animes on the kids tv channels and even thought I didn’t know it was japanese nor I knew japanese existed, I loved it. The love for it’s music only started in 2009 when I saw a  japanese group on a magazine. I first knew about 2NE1 in June 2010 when a friend of mine showed them to me, I remember she was a big Daraling so I asked her who she was and she told me everything. It was love at the first sight, I still have on my thoughts when I first listened to them, it was I Don’t Care my first song, but Fire was the one who pulled me into this amazing fandom and since then, my heart hasn’t stop beating for them!

I’ve applied to this team (and fortunately joined!) because I love Minzy due to many reasons. I think she is a beautiful girl with an enchanting personality and how she inspires me in a way of persuing my dreams really makes me wanting to give her more and more attention. She is someone who I admire since she is such a hard working person ever since she was young aged and was a trainee. The fact that she debuted as a teenager totally makes me respect her and look up to her as an idol and an alive example that we can all acomplish our dreams if we keep trying and never quit.

heiizennyraa | Heizen  Project Admin (PH)
Twitter: heiizennyraa

My name is Heizen. I’m a dancer , a hardcore Blackjack , Proud Vip and a huge MINZY stan. I am the one who gave the DOGGIE stuffed toy to Minzy (You can see it on 2ne1tv season 3 ep.1 part 2). I Love YG Family / 1D / T.S / Avril / Kpop.

Minzy caught me with her cute face, innocent look and epic dance moves. I love everything about Minzy. I love how Minzy showing her love and respect to her 3 unnies and specially to her family.She’s a Sweet Doll, she keeps sending her heart to the fans.  ♥

For me,Minzy is the Definition of Perfection. 🙂

Let’s give her lots of LOVE! ♥

kathlove2ne1 | Kath  Project Admin (PH)
Twitter: kathlove2ne1

Wazzup Minjas! Call me Kath, a girl who’ve been totally fallen in love with 2NE1’s maknae, MINJI. That’s right, I’m straight but I just can’t help myself falling in love with this full package, super talented, and super awesome Gong Minji. If we’re about to talk about her awesomeness, well maybe forever is not enough. LOL. I’m just kidding. Anyway, I’m 18 yrs old and I’m happy coz Minji and I have the same age, in Korea. LOL. I’m totally HARDCORE when it comes to 2NE1 and Minji. They’re my life. Like 2NE1 is a part of my body. Seriously.

Feb. 14, 2011 is the best day! Coz Minji replied me on twitter! Yippee… Not just that, but she also said “LOVE YOU” to me. Yeh baby! I almost fainted! My fingers were ice cold and my body was shaking like crazy! End of story. 🙂 I probably won’t finish this if I’ll not end this here.

June 2-4, 2011, best 3 days of my life. I saw 2NE1 in 3 consecutive days! And also, I didn’t sleep for almost 28 hours straight but the best part of it is: we picked up 2NE1 at the airport, we went to their hotel, slept outside of their hotel (we’re just outside of their window), we’ve given them gifts, my letter have been read by Minji, I saw them perform live, we’re with them when they’re at the airport going back to Korea, then we have been interviewed by the 2NE1tv PD, but most of all, I got close with them like less than 1 meter away, then Minji gave her angelic smile while waving goodbye. Sweetest thing ever! That’s all… maybe not. LOL Let’s all give her BIG LOVE! 😀


8 thoughts on “Our Staff”

  1. Thank you so much for your Minzy updates!
    If it wasn’t for fan websites, we’d be clueless regarding Minzy and her whereabouts T_T
    Much love 😀 ❤

    1. You’re welcome ~ Thank you very much as well for your lovely comment! All of us in EroMaknae absolutely appreciate it ^^ We hope to see you around ❤

      EROMAKNAE Staff

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