A portal to Minzy’s world: a rundown on what you have missed.
Things you should know about the ero maknae from a fellow Minja’s perspective. Sometimes you want to know something about Minzy yet Wikipedia or the info page doesn’t cover it, you’ve come to the right place.


『EROMAKNAE’s 2012 Minzy Birthday Special Countdowns』

D-7: Walking down the pre-debut days

D-6: Minzy – YG Family’s Real Maknae

D-5: Gong Mingkki the EROMAKNAE

D-4: The Gong Family

D-3: Minzy the Social Butterfly

D-2: Minzy’s Interests and Hobbies

D-1: The Twitter Addict

『EROMAKNAE’s 2013 Minzy Birthday Special Countdowns』

D-5: EM’s Staff feels about Minzy turning 20 and past memorable moments

D-4: EM’s Staff thoughts on Minzy’s dancing stages & MINZY’s TV production

D-3: EM’s Staff Favourite Minzy craftwork & song/book recommendation

D-2: EM’s Staff’s picks for Favourite Minzy outfit, hairstyle and SNS Update

D-1: EM’s Staff’s pick for most proudest moment of Minzy in 2012 and more




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