Minzy Facts

  1. Minzy’s grandmother is Gong Okjin, a famous South Korean dancer who was well known for her legendary hunchback dance.
  2. Minzy also has an uncle, Gong Myeong Gyu, who is a contemporary dancer, and also has a long list of honours in his name. Mrs Gong Ok Jin is his aunt.
  3. Minzy’s grandmother calls her by the nickname, ‘Puppy’
  4. Her grandmother monitors 2NE1’s progress a lot and also keeps telling them to be more humble and that if they want to show the audience a good performance, they have to know how to show their energy.
  5. Minzy was scouted by YG himself. A video of her at a dancing contest was posted up by a fan on YG’s homepage where YG saw it, was impressed, and contacted Minzy to join the company. This was when she was in 5th grade. You can view the video that was posted up to YG’s homepage HERE.
  6. She eventually joined YG Entertainment when she was in 6th grade
  7. Minzy’s hometown (born in) is Seoul, but she lived in Gwangju with her family for a period of time.
  8. Minzy has won several dance awards prior to her debut at various dance competitions.
  9. She went to the same dance school [Millyohrae Joy Dance Academy & Plug in Music Academy] as Seungri (Big Bang), Hara (KARA), and Yunho (DBSK)
  10. She was supposed to debut in Japan as a duo with May Doni (former label mate).
  11. Before she debuted, Minji was known as “the child that G-Dragon adores even more than Seungri” (aka GD’s pet)
  12. Minji was once unconfident of her husky voice.
  13. When Minji had been in YG Entertainment for 6 months, because her voice was naturally very powerful sounding that there was only one or two songs that she couldn’t reach, Minji sung those songs till she hurt her throat and it landed her in a difficult position. At that time, she wanted to give up, but she received medical attention, practiced speaking again and was able to recover
  14. She is a huge fan of Usher. She fell in love with Usher when she saw him perform live. “When I saw him, I was thinking to myself, how can a guy be so sexy” – Minzy
  15. Michael Jackson is her idol. She has been spotted with Michael Jackson apparels quite a number of times and has always been naming him as her role model.
  16. She is also a fan of Black Eyed Peas. She covered Fergie in one of her pre-debut videos before
  17. Minzy loves rock music – Radiohead, The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Queen, Oasis, Snow Patrol etc.
  18. Minzy is affectionately known by fans as Ero-Minzy because of her provocative dancing. She has said before that she personally likes the name.
  19. Minzy is a very deep thinker and is said to be mature for her age
  20. She is a member of 문미엔 (Moonmien), which stands for “Christian meeting for culture media entertainment workers”.  It has small scale worships and prayer meetings. Siwon (Super Junior), Tiffany, Yoona, Hyoyeon (SNSD), Amber , Luna(f(x)), Jungjoon, Kim Junghwa, Yang Donggeun, Kim Soohyun and Ryu Won are also members of 문미엔.
  21. Minji sometimes keeps in contact with IU
  22. Minji is good friends with the YG Dancers – HITECH & CRAZY
  23. Minji has a Gundam collection. Some of the models she owns are: 1/144 HG Destiny Gundam, 1/144 MBF-02 Strike Rouge+IWSP , Master Grade Hyaku Shiki, Robot Spirits MSN-06S Sinanju, Robot Damashii (Side MS) Wing Gundam Zero, Robot Damashii: UC Unicorn and a Robot Damashii-V Gundam.
  24. She got a dog of her own in 2011. The puppy was named ‘Dougie’ after the dance move.
  25. There is a 10-year age gap between Minzy and the eldest 2NE1 member, Park Bom.
  26. Regarding 2NE1’s debut stage, “Minji learned her solo the night before the show and still did amazing.” – Shaun Evaristo
  27. Minzy loves taking photographs and wants to be a professional photographer someday.
  28. She loves to wear dresses and skirts despite her tomboy image. According to her unnies, she’s the member who is the most sexiest among the four of them.
  29. Minji is into fashion.
  30. Minji hates scary movies the most.
  31. Minji speaks formally to Bom and Dara.
  32. Minji likes to eat bread and salad.
  33. Knows how to knit. She’s even given scarves as gifts for her members and the staffs around her.
  34. Minji’s favorite ice cream flavor is Rocky Road.
  35. Minji enjoys wearing training pants.
  36. The first CD that Minji ever bought – “Milkshake’ by Kelis.
  37. Minji owns a Macbook Pro.
  38. She owns a Nikon D3000 camera.
  39. To this day Minji has not met the person who posted up her video onto YG’s homepage.
  40. When Minji is concentrating on someone during a conversation, she tends to lift and push her face towards the speaker.
  41. During her schooling days, Minji’s favourite subjects were Korean language and Physical Education.
  42. When she was in Grade 5 & 6, she was the school announcer & class president.
  43. In grade 1, for dictation, Minji got all 100%. In grade 2, she won a prose & poetry prize. In grade 3, a prize in the essay writing contest. In grade 4, a prize in a writing contest.
  44. When she was in elementary school she won 1st place in Arts competition.
  45. Minji wants to be a good maknae, and be the legendary, original magnae of YG.
  46. Minji wants to be a singer-songwriter, someone who is good at everything.
  47. The first thing that Minji wants to do when she becomes legal is to get her driver’s license. However, this dorky maknae has no intentions of actually driving. She just wants the license.
  48. If Minzy wasn’t part of 2NE1 now, she thinks that she’d be a poet.
  49. Minzy is a huge Lucky Se7en (a SE7EN fan). She even dubbed herself as the “hip-hop fairy who will take care of her SE7EN oppa’s future”
  50. Minzy is a huge fan of Snoop Dogg too.
  51. Japanese starlet Koda Kumi is close with Minzy
  52. Minzy likes men who wears Parka with leather jacket or military style
  53. The type of men that Minzy likes is a person who is reserved but manly and cute. This is by far her most specific ideal type. Previous times, she (or her unnies) has revealed that she also likes men with beautiful smiles, muscles or long hair.
  54. Minzy is good at cooking Korean food. Culinary is one of her hobbies.
  55. Minzy dresses according to her mood, thus her variety of appearances – tomboyish, cutesy, sexy, feminine etc.
  56. During pre-debut, Minzy posted up a selca of herself wearing G-Dragon‘s sunglasses, causing her to get bashed by GD fans.
  57. Minji is the maknae in her family. She has one older sister.
  58. Minji is also an exercise freak. She works out two hours everyday (o.O)
  59. Minji loves to sing Trot songs a.k.a. the oldest form of Korean pop music!
  60. Minji loves watching old films. The Sound of Music, Leon: The Professional, The Boat that Rocked, Real Steel, Justice, Sherlock Holmes, Punch, and Back to the Future are a few classic films that she enjoys watching.
  61. Minji is always jokingly referred to as “Minji unnie” or “42 year old Mingkki” due to her oldies’ preferences and her mature mind.
  62. Minji’s nickname “Mingkki” came about due to a Thai fan who mispronounced her name as ‘Mingkki’. The name has stuck with her since.
  63. Minji loves to watch anime,  — Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Slam Dunk and One Piece.  Minzy is especially obsessed with One Piece’s Chopper.
  64. Minji also loves to draw.
  65. She also loves plants and even has a whole collection of them in her bedroom which she diligently waters and takes care of everyday.
  66. Minzy is a book junkie and reads whenever she has the time. She is into novels and mysteries by Haruki Murakami and Choi Jaehoon.
  67. When Minzy buys a book, she’d write the date of when she started and finished reading it so she can track all the books that she has read.
  68. Minji was tone deaf when she first came into YG.
  69. She also got vocal nodules for 3 months and couldn’t sing a line of lyrics at all for that period of time.
  70. Minzy does not see herself as a star or a celeb yet, but she sees herself just as an entertainer.
  71. She bites her tongue a lot since she’s the youngest by a long gap and usually doesn’t say much or state her opinion.
  72. When Minzy came to NYC, she wore super stiletto high shoes. When asked why she wore such uncomfortable shoes: “I wanted to look good for NY”
  73. Minzy likes clothes that has the feel of a rich kid.
  74. When asked about her ideal type, Minzy also once responded that she likes older men. No specific age requirements needed as she feels that understanding each other is most important.
  75. Her ideal date for Spring is to go to Japan to see the cherry blossoms.
  76. Minzy’s nickname when she was young was “Kong steamed bun” because of her round face that looks like a steamed bun
  77. Minzy likes to make clothes and would like to participate in manufacturing clothes if she has the chance.
  78. In 2NE1, Minzy is the “head of sexiness” according to CL.
  79. Minzy tends to watch movies in flights if she doesn’t fall asleep. She always tries to prepare what to do in flights in advance.
  80. According to Dara, Minzy is very reliable, but above everything else, she’s a trustworthy person. “Wherever we are, whatever we’re doing, Minzy is there so we’ll be at ease.” – DARA
  81. Minzy tries to open her eyes wide whenever she’s on TV to show her fans her prettiest, but as she concentrates, her large eyes doesn’t last for more than a couple of seconds, and gets smaller (LOL)
  82. During her trainee days, Minji had her own set of 10 commandments that she lives by
  83. Minzy loves her puppy, Dougie, so much that she even set up a Twitter for her @kongdougie(We think the account is managed by Minzy, her sister, and possibly even her mum)
  84. The March 2011 earthquake that struck Japan was the first earthquake that Minzy ever experienced.
  85. Minzy was good at soccer in the past.
  86. Minzy owns a ‘Rolling Stones’ – Customized JH16PRO In-Ear Monitor/Earphones custom-made by SOUNDCAT which costs roughly around USD $1539 -$1967.
  87. Minzy is obsessed with exercising to the point that her body feels unwell if she misses her workouts for just one day.
  88. Everyday for 2 hours, Minzy would do 5 sets of 25 aerobic and abdominal exercises.
  89. One of Minzy’s favorite celebrities is Zoe Saldana.
  90. Minzy’s ideal man is Kurt Cobain.
  91. Minzy read Guillaume Musso’s <Girl On Paper> in no time and couldn’t stop reading it since it was really good.
  92. The film Leon is one of Minzy’s favorite films and has watched it over 300 times!
  93. Minzy doesn’t cry often and is often teased as “cold-blooded” but she cries when she watches Leon.
  94. She watches movies all the time. There was a time when she didn’t have any schedules, so Minzy practically lived at the movie theater for a whole week.
  95. Ever since Minzy was little, she attended an art centre similar to a daycare for kids.
  96. Minzy loves Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe print.
  97. People like to call Minzy ‘PD Kong’ because of her awesome photography skills
  98. When Minzy takes photos, she doesn’t only consider the person in the picture, but the background too. In her words, both background and the person have to blend in naturally and the angle and the frame have to be just right in order for it to be considered a good picture. She considers herself a tad bit obsessed.
  99. Minzy can’t swim – she can barely do the dog paddle.
  100. The three things that Minzy wants to take with her if she’s stranded on a deserted island: Her member unnies.
  101. Minzy wants to go back to Singapore because it was extremely clean there; clean enough to lie down on the streets.
  102. Minzy’s dream honeymoon destination would be either Singapore or Maldives
  103. Minzy is someone who values memories. In fact, she declared that she will place all the photos that 2NE1 took together while on their vacation in Philippines all over her room.
  104. Because Minzy has never gone on school trips nor travelled with friends, the trip that 2NE1 took together to Philippines felt like a picnic, a gift, and she really enjoyed it.
  105. Minzy wants to try learning how to play an instrument – drums if she has the time to learn it.
  106. Minzy wants to go to Europe in the future.
  107. Dara thinks Minzy is a “genius child” and is an unpredictable person. Dara also says that Minzy is a very deep person.
  108. Minzy continuously thinks “I can do it, I can do it” to herself in order to gain confidence. Or if it helps, she will also re-read a good book.
  109. Minzy attends the Sung Gang Presbyterian Church.
  110. Minzy’s original NOLZA Solo Stage was supposed to be a dance solo. But she performed a cover of Taeyang’s ‘Only Look At Me’ instead.
  111. Minzy hates bugs.
  112. She likes to collect choker necklaces.
  113. Minzy has an interest in Photography. She takes ‘Photoshoot’ pictures of her friends and the 2NE1 members at times.
  114. Minzy likes marinated grilled eel.
  115. Minzy plays a mobile social game called  ‘Rule The Sky’. Her ID is ‘minzy2021’.
  116. Since 2010, Minzy has been sponsoring a child in Bangladesh through 1:1 International Children’s Alliance.
  117. There was once Minzy and Big Bang’s Seungri went to the Han River for a jog, but Seungri ended up leaving Minzy alone behind and came home by himself
  118. A truck tried to drive by the broadcast hall one day and Minzy came running out shouting “Dad!!!!” in front of all of her fans. Fans were touched to see that she wasn’t embarrassed at her age and with so many people around her.
  119. Dara and Minzy gifted all their fans waiting for them at the airport with chocolate and pastries.
  120. Managers are really strict with fans at airports and don’t allow for any autographs for safety reasons. Minzy will wait until she gets in the van and then ask her managers for paper so she can hand out autographs to everyone who came.
  121. Back when Minzy had Cyworld, her most listened to artist was Yiruma.
  122. Choreographer Travis Payne had this to say about Minzy: “Minzy is a dancer whose talent is unmatched, her creative ability and ability to express herself with her body is just like Michael Jackson then. Minzy had also imitated Michael Jackson’s legendary dance, she is very fond of it personally. When she very charismatically and dynamically danced the moonwalk, I was stunned, the performance was beyond brilliant, unlike any other.”

All credits goes out to the translators who translated all the interviews/UFO messages/Tweets/me2DAYs that we got these random facts from.  


25 thoughts on “Minzy Facts”

  1. I’m proud to say I’m American an second I’m a huge huge k-pop fan America needs this music I love this music and despite most americans I love k-pop in its fluent language I don’t understand most of the words but I don’t care I love it 2ne1 is by far my favorite and like all of you I’m a huge Minzy fan, it’s just something about the way she dance that captivated me the rest of the group are great dancers too. I see Minzy reaching Michael Jackson status. Also I think she’s the cute one she has more sex appeal in her than I seen in any woman in a long time if not ever I wish nothing but good fortune in Minzy and 2ne1’s future.

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    1. Her surname is Gong Minji I think people know all her different names
      1. Minzy (stage name)
      2. Minji (real name )
      3.Mingkki (nickname )LOL

  4. WHAT?! Da sexiest? Aww but I like her tomboy part it’s cool and fun that’s the reason why she’s my fav but she’s still my fav
    Well BOM is pretty cool but she does drugs but I know it’s just
    For her health

  5. Minzy is a powerful women a strong maknae that will not give up I wish to just meet you one day I dreamed about going to ur concert one day and I hope that Minzy will stay strong always she is such a ambassador for our generation I love to see u perform some day u r getting more n more beautiful each and ever day
    Your#1 biggest fan
    Tan Wan Yan Germaine
    Minkki ah fighting LOL

  6. Minzy is my idol and i wish we meet someday because this is one of my dream and i hope that we meet…and god bless her in everyday…

  7. Minzy is my favourite member of my favourite KPop girl group. I just love the energy she brings to her performances. I would love to meet her and the rest of the group or see them with my own eyes so please, please please come to Australia to perform!

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