Minzy Quotes


“I will become a prettier star. I will become a cooler star. I will stand at the top, no matter what. Until then, please watch over me.”

“I like to do new things as well as try new things . I dream of freedom like the sky and like the color pink. I like funny things. I hate to think that anything is impossible; I am stubborn, prideful, as well as competitive. I love to read, and if I start something it is hard for me to stop. I don’t like difficult and confusing things; I like being organized and like to think by my self sometimes. I like to plan ahead and dream that those plans will come true. I like to give and it makes me happy to see smiles when I give. I seem like a strong person but I do get hurt a lot because I am young. But I tend to hide those feelings. Sometimes I explode when my patience can hold no longer. Even though it is a difficult time for me, I can go on with my life with the thought of happiness in the future. But when I do feel content and joyful I feel impressed. I know that time goes by really fast and move quickly with it. I can’t get what I want if I don’t move fast. Time. Passion and effort is important in reaching out goals. I try not to forget the person God has made me into. THIS IS ME….

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  • “I think girls are the most beautiful when they become a mother.”
  • “When I get on stage, I become a totally different person. Shall I call it ‘Crazy Minji’? Haha.”
  • When I’m on stage I don’t think at all. I really like to dance. When I become old and my body becomes weak, I’ll be really sad when I won’t be able to dance anymore.
  • “It (the nickname ‘Ero Minzy’) can be a bit risky, but yes, I like it. It has a mature and sexy feel.”
  • “During our debut when the stylist oppas told me to wear a dress I hated it, but now it’s different. Skirts aren’t unfamiliar anymore and I’ve even started to buy them.”
  • “(When I get a boyfriend,) I want to hold hands and walk the streets of Myungdong”
  • “I don’t really have many tears, nor do I cry often.  That’s why the people around me kept teasing, “You’re so cold-blooded.””
  • On 2NE1 “A team that is always fun with witty sense of humor. We help each other around a lot and help push each other to be better”
  • On her unnies “All of them are slightly…. bizarre”
  • “Dancing was the only friend I had. The practicing room was my playground.”
  • “When I go out to the sidewalks and hear music I’d just dance. That’s how much I like to dance.”
  • “I’d just play the music and dance. When I’m dancing, I don’t even notice how I’m doing it.”
  • “No matter what anyone says, my biggest interest is in my dance. Everytime I discover and learn a new dance that I didn’t know about, I feel the greatest happiness in my heart.”
  •  “I can feel happiness through dancing.”
  •  “At first because I was introduced with grandmother’s name, it was quite a pressure for me. But with this pressure, I told myself I have to work harder. I will show my own powerful dance.”
  • “I want to become a person that shines when dancing.”
  • “I want to be a person crazy about music.”
  • “I want to read a lot of books and not live lazily. I want to become intellectual.”
  • “It’d be nice if I could learn how to be a singer who continues to be able to play well on stage. Singing, rap, everything.”
  • “I’m studying to write lyrics and compose; I want to work as a composer too. And show more performances.”
  • The stage is like an addiction. Since singing and dancing had been my dreams all this time, I fall even more into those charms every time I’m on stage. These days I get the urge to make the audience go crazy.”
  • “Even if you perform with a great choreography, or a part of a great group, I believe you can’t imitate people’s aura.”
  • “If I don’t have the same passion as the glare in my eyes, my performance will be a bust. A performance in which I’m not nervous will be a bust. I’m really a kid who does well in practice room performances. That’s me, that’s who I want to be. That’s who I will be.”
  • “Instead of being a person that is looking at the small things right in front of my eyes, I want to look far ahead, and hypnotize myself into becoming a person who can see even things that are far away.”
  • “Move forward. Keep drawing myself. I will look at the world in the eyes and run forward.”
  • “Just to keep doing what we do. I want to keep going as 2NE1.”
  •  “Actually, I’m more upset by having no replies as opposed to hateful replies.I’d rather just think of everything positively.”
  • “I don’t really mind. Anyway, it’s better to be looked at and whispered about than to be ignored. I feel more hurt with no attention at all as opposed to malicious comments on the internet.”
  • “I know that I have a lot of friends who are envious of me. But if there is something to be gained, obviously something else has to be lost, right? Lately I miss the things I’ve lost.”
  • “I actually can’t believe all this unbelievable things are happening to me. I always listened to their (Black Eyed Peas) songs while training in the practice room, and all these people, I’m actually meeting these people and working with them. It feels like a dream.”
  • “Getting to communicate with many people through our shows was just great in itself and I felt a lot of energy. I think I learned what love is through our concert.”
  • “The words “get a grip” wasn’t something I heard by ear, it’s something that hit me on the back of my head.”
  • “How many pages are there in my life?? I’ve read only a prologue.. But personally it’s exciting already.”
  • “The solution is with me. I can’t give my key to anyone. If I know the answer, shouldn’t I take care of it?”
  • “It only takes a second to start a fire, but to put it out again takes a long time. I am beginning to understand this fact while looking at my surroundings.”
  • “Always…always.. the situation fits together logically, like a puzzle. It really is a dramatic feeling. That’s why today, a thing called ‘vitality’ has appeared for me. It’s like.. I feel like a growing sprout.. I think I can go to sleep with a smiling heart.”
  • ” Love mistakes, as it’s us that receives blessings from them in the end.”
  • “If you want to fly higher, first you have to spread your wings.. The world’s big and there are a lot of places you can fly^^”
  • “Rather than taking an easy route, taking a difficult route is more satisfying and interesting. Life is hard at times; life is easy at other times. It zig zags and spins round and round. It goes up and down… When all that is done, you’ll probably smile and say, “I lived a very fun life” ke ke”
  • “Interest is an extremely important word. Without the word interest, there would be no kind of starting point either”
  • “Another farewell is a new beginning.”
  • “To us.. every moment, we need to remember the feeling behind, “thank you”.”
  • “Even when there’s a straight path in front of us, we, unfortunately, and foolishly, turn right~ around and it’s after that we realize it.”
  • “When things get difficult, we find people to lean against, when we lose our way, we sit on the ground and cry. People are children, living with hidden innocence
  • “I feel that as long as you keep running towards your dreams and wish, they’ll come true one day. Hard work will not betray ourselves”
  • “To do something you really want to do, you need to take initiative and keep doing it.”
  • ““I don’t have time” is just an excuse. Just do it!!!!”
  • “In order to lean on one another, to give enlightenment to one another, to share happiness between one another, to love one another, he gave us “friends”. If I can become a tool of God who can share these things with someone, then my life will truly have value.”
  • “Be careful with everything so that it won’t get broken. If it seems like it’s going to get broken, bring it to get repaired. There are times when you miss some things you’ve thrown away because they couldn’t get repaired. You feel the longing. You can understand why that item malfunctioned and why it broke down completely. People’s emotions are just like that.”
  • When you start opening up something.. even if you swear it, it’s not easy to close it again after. This applies to everything. Especially, even more to ones’ relating to the “heart”.
  • “Sometimes you have to bite the bullet. Not only must you learn to accept their gaze with your eyes but also with your heart.”
  • “I think this is what real love is like.. Wanting to be together as they grow older.”
  • “Even though we can’t be holding hands right now, even though we can’t be looking each other in the eyes right now, I can feel it in my heart. The thing that I can do is that I can pray. Just because I said I am not there with you doesn’t mean that I can’t be there with you. No matter when it is, we are always together.”
  • “To pluck up the courage and open your heart, and embrace someone else’s heart is difficult.”
  • We’re all looking for a shoulder, a person we can just tell how we feel to and lean on. But never think of being that shoulder or giving out your heart first. All you’ll do is anticipate. That’s how we only keep everything wrapped up in our minds. Because of the frustration from not being able to unwrap it, you’ll end up leaving that place.”
  • “It’s very easy to say something, but to look back and fulfill your promises, it’s hard.”
  • “In order to avoid hurting people rather than using literal words I’d try to find words that were a bit more loose and now.. My mind is filled with words that it has become an encyclopedia. I want to empty out my mind just a little. I want to make one clean page.”
  • “People often hastily throw together and turn around words when they try to express themselves. Even I do…But even if I didn’t want to, maybe it became a habit; it just pops out and I randomly express myself that way…”
  • “It’s easy to spit our words, it’s hard to turn around and find a way to pick them up.. but the one thing I know is no matter what kind of words I spit out, I need to be responsible for them.”
  • “With a pen, with a text, with a writing. Swearing and killing someone is easy. But the thing which follows a “word” is “responsibility”. So does that mean that you can swear or kill someone w/ a word while being responsible for it? I don’t think that’s the reason why a “word” exists.”
  • “I like looking through my old diaries. I wrote about childish things and sad events but they’re important memories needed to lead my current self.”
  • “Nowadays I also feel that i’ve become a teenage girl with a little more sensibility”
  • “Sometimes, I try to express myself by drawing or taking pictures of what I think is difficult to express through talking.”
  • “Michael Jackson – His dance, his passion, all of his talents are desirable. Every bit of his actions, even his hand gestures had this aura. His memory, his humanism are represented in a lot of things I do.”
  • “Music is my life, disasters and triumphs. If my everything is to be in contact with something, it is of course music.”
  • “I listen to (all) music regardless of genre. Among them, without a doubt, Hip Hop is the genre I’m most passionate about.”
  • “Fashion is like personality. It shows one self’s everything in detail and delicately. The person’s values.”
  • “My character is easy-going and abrupt but inside I’m actually womanly/feminine and I have a lot of aegyo. Fashion lets me express myself as I explore it however I want.”
  • “I want be an entertainer that doesn’t just work in one specific field, but a variety of things. If I become an artist that influences people in many different directions and aspects, I think I would be satisfied for having achieved my biggest goal.”
  • “I think I might listen and dance to Michael Jackson even when I become a grandmother.”
  • “Rolling Stones is practically another word for “Rock N Roll” and also the #1 musician of my life.”
  • “Whenever I’m feeling tired or getting stressed, I like to cram myself into my room and just draw. That eventually helps release all the stress away.”
  • “I want to become an artist that only receives love and credit though music and not through art, movies, or acting.”
  • “I was called a dance prodigy since I was young. A prodigy is like a genius. But I’m not a genius. It’s just that what I do a little bit better than others, and that happens to be dancing.”
  • “I don’t want to be special. I don’t want to look special. I’m happy with just ‘me’”
  • “I want to do my best in everything. Music, love, everything I like.”

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