For 2NE1’s All Or Nothing Concert in Philippines that was held on the girls’ 5th Anniversary, 2NE1 Philippines (@2NE1PH) organized a few support projects for the concert. One of their support projects – Back to School Concert Wreath Project – parallels with helping the less fortunate children in Philippines, particularly those who have been affected by the recent Typhoon Haiyan, a typhoon that has been recorded as the deadliest Philippines typhoon ever & has impacted the country quite heavily. This B2S Concert Wreath Project will go towards purchasing school supplies for these less fortunate children.

2NE1PH has invited 2NE1 fans from all over the world to unite in helping out in this single charitable cause in line with the girls’ 5th Anniversary, an amazing union charity move that our girls would certainly be happy to hear about. For EM, we collaborated with MinzyPh  to come up with one full concert wreath, ultimately raising $150 USD = 30 B2S Packs.

Due to some mishaps, 2NE1PH were not able to help obtain a confirmation shot of our concert wreath, but nevertheless, here are a few pictures of the school backpacks being packed & donated.

There were 500 backpacks altogether from this concert support that was donated under 2NE1’s name to Sagip Kapamilya, a Philippine based non-government organization that facilitates social programs and outreach to the public.

In addition, the Filipino Blackjacks who donated towards this support through us also received a Minzy banner saying “Gong Minzy Jjang!”  in return. During the concert, Minzy spotted this banner and our admin got some fanservice from it. Yay! ^^

A huge thanks to all those who contributed towards this support! Let’s always keep in mind to do charitable deeds for the less fortunate everywhere, just like how our Minzy is always contributing to the less fortunate too (:

EM Staff


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