PROJECT #1: Minzy’s 19th Birthday Project

“Gong Minzy. This is it”

EROMAKNAE, being a relatively new site to the Blackjack fandom embarked on our our 1st ever project for Minzy’s 19th Birthday. As. With the JOURNAL and the MINZY JACKSON MOSAIC PORTRAIT completed and designed by our graphic designers using a various collection of Minzy pictures as well as with the participation of all the Blackjacks from all over the world who submitted their fanarts, here’s presenting to you our completed product ^^

The JOURNAL that we gave Minzy includes  a compilation of Minzy pictures from Predebut all the way till now under the idea of it being The Chronicles of Minzy’s Life. Minji’s growing up REALLY fast so it’d be nice to actually show her how much she has grown, and how proud we are as fans to see her maturing into a lovely young lady too.

Aside from these picture compilations, we will also be including 19 quotes from Minzy herself. If you guys are interested in knowing which quotes we picked out for this journal, here’s the list:

These 19 quotes will be placed together with the fanarts that we are requesting from you EM followers. These fanarts has to be your own fanart and they can be of Minzy or just about anything related to her (e.g. her puppy Dougie, shoes, outfits, hairstyles). If you want to participate and submit your own fanart, check out more details here:

Aside from the JOURNAL, we also did up a mosaic MINZY JACKSON portrait for Minzy. All you Minjas would know that Minzy greatly respects and idolises Michael Jackson, so in tribute to this, EM will be coming up with a portrait of Minzy as well. The final product can be seen in the picture posted above 🙂


As a special celebration to Minzy’s 19th birthday, the EROMAKNAE Writers also came up with a special countdown write-up series to Minzy’s birthday. You can view our articles by the chapters here:

A huge bout of thanks to these following people who’ve helped us out in one way or another in this project. We couldn’t have done it without you guys :)

  • DCmyminzy
  • 귀요미CL
  • Josh Naughton
  • Helene Huynh
  • Katie Woodger
  • Yori
  • Monica
  • Clari
  • Priscilla
  • Anh-Thy
  • Helene
  • Jazzmin
  • Bini
  • purplestarzz
  • Pauline
  • Joan
  • Amira H
  • Ching
  • William
  • Melissa Russon
  • Suzy
  • EROMAKNAE Tumblr, Twitter & WordPress followers who’s supported & helped us in any way possible (reblogging/retweeting/words of encouragement etc.)

Look out for more projects for our very own eromaknae coming soon in the future! 공민지 사랑해 ♥
Remember to spread the Minzy love 24/7 ! ^^



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