PROJECT #2: Kong Dougie’s 1st Birthday Project

‘The Dougie Project’

In lieu of KONG DOUGIE’s 1ST BIRTHDAY which fell on 24th April, EROMAKNAE prepared some gifts for Dougie, Minzy & the Gong Family in general (: With the help of everyone who supported and participated in this project, EROMAKNAE managed to raise above our intended target of USD $130 ^^

With the money raised, we were able to purchase the stuff that we intended to purchase and even a bit more! This is the list of gifts we managed to get:

1) The London Pet Carrier
2) The Large Buddy Blanket
3) A customized Dog Hoodie with the words ‘Teach me how to DOUGIE’
4) A cute pink raincoat for the rainy seasons in Korea
5) A Crab and a Donut Squeaky Toy for Dougie to play with

The presents look absolutely beautiful in real life. And luckily for us, @kongdougie also posted up a ‘confirmation shot’ of Dougie wearing and posing with our gifts! In the picture, Dougie is donning the raincoat and she seems like she’s liking it! Woot! We hope the Gong Family will find everything useful as they raise Dougie up 🙂

Aside from the gifts, EROMAKNAE also prepared a mini-event to celebrate Dougie’s 1st Birthday. Check out the details of the mini-event that we carried out here:

Thanks to the support of all Blackjacks who retweeted and promoted the mini-event, it was a success and @kongdougie received tons of Happy Birthday wishes from Blackjacks ke ke ke. KMinjas, @baechu21 & @GongKakJi even helped us to come up with a hashtag – #DougieB1rthday – to trend on Dougie’s birthday! It was really nice seeing everyone, both the Kfans and IFans, celebrating Dougie’s Birthday ke ke ke.

And our surprise didn’t end just there. EM Staffers were delightfully surprised when Minzy herself tweeted us a few days later commenting on the display picture that we had come up with for the Mini-Event! We’re really honoured and extremely happy that she loves it ^^

The EROMAKNAE Staff would like to give a huge smooch of thank you to all our donors, supporters, contributors and staffers who helped to make this possible! We really couldn’t have completed this project without you! A huge thank you to the following people:

– pab0sarang
– mickayye
– tazanya
– choijiyonq
– immol2tal
– DCmyminzy
– 6002theMaipyon
– EM Supporters on Tumblr, Twitter and WordPress
– EM Staffers

Let us continue spreading the Minzy love 24/7 together and show Minzy the support that she has from her international fanbase! Fighting to all Minzy lovers! ^^

EM Staff


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