MINI-PROJECT #1: Pre-Valentine’s Day Gift

“Spread the MINZY Love”

2NE1‘s sudden visit to the Philippines prompted our Admins to whip up some heart-warming presents for the girls. Since it’s just a week away from Valentine’s Day, we decided to spread the love by giving; not just Minzy but also CL, Bom, Dara and Dougie several gifts for the special day.

Let’s start off with Minzy. For Minzy, we gave her a Cute Purple Puppy Stuffed Toy, a Cute Leopard Stitch Plush Toy, a Purple Asian Wooden figurine (with our lovely fan letters), 3 Red Roses, Ferrero Rocher Chocolates, Lindt Lindor White Chocolates and MonieGold Chewy Tamarind Candies!

Then we have the eonnies! Bom received a Green Frog Stuffed Toy with a small Green Yoga Frog Figurine for inspiration. A Cute Pink Bunny Stuffed Toy for Dara and a huge Spiked Bat Stuffed Toy for our Baddest Leader, CL! (The team opted for a bigger stuffed toy for CL because her birthday is coming up~ kkk)

Finally for our Princess Dougie, a cute Purple Striped Dress and a comfy Ace Pillow!

These are all prepared and personally handed to Minzy by our Jjang Ninja Admins namely HeizenKath and Marie! According to our Ninjas, Minzy accepted the gifts then hugged all of it because the paper bag was huge~ kkk. Check out their fanaccounts here & here

Much to our delight, we noticed EROMAKNAE’s presents being carried by a staff noona when they were on their way to the airport headed back to Seoul.

@0:11 EROMAKNAE’s gifts ^^ (c) MEYA940615 @ YT

So there you have it, another successful project from The EROMAKNAE! Until next time, everyone~ kkk
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