PROJECT #3: 2NE1 Comeback Support for SBS Inkigayo 1st Stage

For 2NE1’s  recent comeback, EROMAKNAE & KONGMINZY.COM (공민지닷컴) worked together to prepare a Comeback Support for the girls as a group and for Minzy as an individual as a sign of support from both Korean & International fans.

These gift support were sent to the girls during their 1st comeback stage at SBS Inkigayo on the 8th July. From the bottom of our hearts, we are hoping that these gifts that were passed to Minzy on the 8th brought a smile to her face and will continue bringing happiness to her as she sees the support from fans we sent her.

KONGDOT & EM together prepared a Cake and Drinks for the girls and their staff, a Flower Basket and also Support Messages for Minzy that both sites collated together from fans worldwide.

Here’s a closer look at the presents:


A comeback cake especially designed for 2NE1’s ‘I LOVE YOU’ comeback! 


We prepared 40 bottles in total for the girls & their staff. 


Together with KONGDOT, we managed to compile 154 support messages from fans worldwide! The messages were printed onto a self-designed card. Minzy thus received 154 cards with messages of support from fans. Thank you everyone for your participation!



Delivered on the 8th of July at SBS Inkigayo.

Confirmation shot of these presents from Minzy / Dougie can be found HERE 🙂

A huge shoutout of thanks to zeelisious’ friend, Bernice, who helped us in designing part of the cake and also to 내민지  for the co-planning, ordering & delivering of the gifts.

Also, thank you everyone who has supported EM this far. We will continue to work hard ^^
Meanwhile, continue to spread the Minzy love 24/7 everyone!

EM Staff


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