PROJECT #4: 2012 New Evolution World Tour UNITEDMINZYFANS Support

After two amazingly heart-stopping shows the past two nights, 2NE1’s first gig for their 2012 New Evolution 1st World Tour is finally over! And we are also proud to announce that the #UNITEDMINZYFANSplanned concert support for New Evolution in Seoul was also a success!

130 Mango Tree Wreath #UNITEDMINZYFANS

These Minzy wreaths were placed at the artist entrance!!

Towards the left of the picture above, you can spot the 10 Mango Tree Wreath (which has a placard containing pictures of Minzy & Dougie together) and the 20 Mango Tree Wreath (cut off but you can see the picture of Minzy).

  • Message on the 100 Mango Tree Wreath: United Minzy Fans KONGMINZYDOTCOM – See you again on next year’s Adult Con ★” , “United Minzy Fans theEROMAKNAE – Loving you always Mingkki Fighting” and “United Minzy Fans WeLoveMinzy – 2012 New MINZY Evolution ★”. 
  • Message on the 20 Mango Tree Wreath: “United Minzy Fans KONGDOT / theEROMAKNAE / WeLoveMinzy – Don’t stop Minji’s Dance~♥”
  • Message on the 10 Mango Tree Wreath: “United Minzy Fans President Kong Dougie – Bark! Bark bark bark! Bark bark!

The sexy looking banner for the 100 tree wreath was designed by EM’s graphic designer Sel! And the 20 Mango Tree Wreath Banner and the 10 Mango Tree Wreath Placard was designed by KONDOT! Here’s a closer look at the designs:

The following pictures are of when the wreaths were being set up outside the Stadium. You can get a closer look at the 20 Mango Tree Wreath Banner here too!

Hwangssabu, YG’s resident trainer, also posted up a hilarious shot of him doing some stretching exercises in front of our Mango Tree Wreath just about an hour before the 2nd concert started! Woot!


KONGDOT & EM together also managed to get for Minzy the Stitch Ring, the Michael Jackson Figure & the Flower Basket as per planned. They were successfully delivered to Minzy and it even had not one, but two confirmation shot from Dougie together with WeLoveMinzy’s presents as well!

Side Project Final Products packaged and ready to be delivered ^^

Here’s a final wrap up of the confirmation shots of this project (:

A huge thanks to all our donors and everyone who has supported us in one way or another! We would not have been able to get through this if it’s not for everyone’s support! theEROMAKNAE would also like to give a huge shout of thanks to KONGDOT, DCmyminzy & WeLoveMinzy for all the co-planning and arranging of everything for this #UNITEDMINZYFANS Support!

We really hope that Minzy loves this show of support from her fans in Korea and Internationally and that she gains a lot of strength from this shower of love for her ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Wheee~!

Meanwhile, Minzy fans, do continue joining theEROMAKNAE in spreading, showing and sharing the Minzy love 24/7!  Minjas, ah gogogo~! ♥

EM Staff

P.S. Thanks Lena, DCmyminzy, KONGMINZYDOTCOM for the photos of the gifts & wreaths ^^


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