PROJECT #5: MINZY’s 20th Birthday Project

First and foremost, the EM Staff would like to thank every single one of you who has participated with us in this project right from the very beginning. Our girl has finally officially turned 20 and we truly hope that Minzy had the best 20th birthday ever!

For her 20th birthday, it seems like Minzy received A LOT of presents from fans all around the world! In fact, Dougie tweeted out that presents were still coming in even when her birthday had passed! We gotta say that we are absolutely delighted for her! ^_^ Minzy always deserves the best, right? ♥

130118-6 confirmationshot7 130118-4
Confirmation Shots of most of Minzy’s birthday presents

As mentioned in our project plans, EM was initially targeting to cover most if not all of her myriad of interests, but because we weren’t sure if we were able to attain the amount of money needed to cover all of it, we narrowed down only to a few. The lack of funds also caused us to cut down and alter our original gift wishlist. However, we still managed to attain the meaningful presents for her. In addition, it seems like our followers had the same idea as us too, and the personal gifts they sent in helped to cover our theme idea^^ From her crafting hobbies to her reading, dance & photography interest, there were 20 gifts in total!! 20 gifts for Minzy’s 20th Birthday! Don’t you think this is an absolute perfect number of gifts? Keke

So, without further ado, here are all the gifts that Minzy has gotten from us for her first adult birthday ^.^



Using the amount of funds that we managed to collate, EM prepared for Minzy these following gifts:

1) Lucky Stars
2) WACOM Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet
3) DALER-ROWNEY Sketch Pads
4) PRISMACOLOR Double Ended Markers
5) La Petit Prince Blank Notebook
6) Personalized Engraved Bookmark
7) Chachimomma Dance Pants
8) Tokyo Milk Hand Cream by Margot Elena
9) Letter from EM Staff


With Minzy turning 20, EM asked for Blackjacks from all over the world to send in their wishes & hopes for Minzy for this special day of hers. The wishes were all handmade into 454 Lucky Stars. We also had a booklet containing all the wishes and names of the people who sent in wishes. In addition, in this video are some of the wishes that you guys sent in. They were randomly picked from the wishes we received and made into video form by our graphic designer, Eron. Hope you guys enjoy it:


We also got for Minzy the WACOM Bamboo Pen & Touch Tablet which is a graphic drawing tablet with multi-touch functions. Not only would the tablet allow her to touch on her drawing interest, we also found out that she would be able to dabble in some music production too.  When choosing for her this gift, we wanted to make sure Minzy would be able to know how to fully put the tablet to use. Fortunately for us, there was an option of a Korean Manual Booklet & Setup Guide that came along with the tablet which would definitely help her along as she makes use of it ^^ Take a look at how the WACOM tablet can be used:


Digital Art might be a fun area to venture into, but nothing beats physical pen & paper when it comes to drawing. With this in mind, we wanted to present Minzy with more Sketchpads that she can make use of to add on to her drawing collection.


To go with the Sketchpads, we also got for Minzy some Prismacolor Markers that had a a beautiful array of colours. In fact, in Minzy’s latest drawing, the colours she used looked very familiar and similar to the ones that we’ve gotten her. Could it be that she already made use of the markers?!


“My mind is filled with words that it has become an encyclopedia. I want to empty out my mind just a little. I want to make one clean page.” We gifted her with a beautiful La Petit Prince Blank Notebook to allow her to ’empty her mind just a little’ with any thoughts or inspiration that might have struck her at any point of time.


Minzy has mentioned her reading hobby many a times before. She even once said that she carries a book with her everywhere. We’ve also heard that she was going to be receiving a lot of books for her birthday too, thus, this Personalized Engraved Bookmark that had the words ‘Amante De Dios Kong Minzy’ is a perfect compliment.


Forever the dancing maching, Gong Mingkki. To cater to her ultimate love for dancing, we gifted Minzy with a pair of  Chachimomma Dance Pants that is said to be a rave among dancers worldwide. We hope Minzy will make use of this comfortable and fashionable pants to practice, polish and perfect her skills to the utmost perfection!


We also wanted to gift Minzy with some products that she can pamper herself with after a day of hard work. This French Kiss Hand Cream from Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena is just a little something for her to pamper her hands with. We hope she will use it well ^^


Last but not least, we also wrote in Letter to Minzy, in both Korean AND English, explaining to her about all the gifts and conveying her our love ♥


A huge thanks to the following people who sent in their special gifts for Minzy’s birthday! We truly hope the special fan gifts made Minzy’s birthday a tad more special. The following are personal gifts from Joana Marie, Aberleigh, Rachael Ng, Van, Abigail, Justine, Nadia, Edlyn, Lerrick, Leslie & XY.


Leslie (@JKReshaddict) sent in various drawings of Minzy in the form of an Artbook. The drawings were all really well made too, and the cutest of them all was a comic strip of her celebraing her birthday with her 2NE1 unnies!


Joana sent in a Personalized T-Shirt for Minzy all the way from Philippines.


Van (@shifugicanaru) did up a GORGEOUS Sketch of Minzy! The sketch was so beautiful that we could not help gushing over it when we first laid our eyes on it! Hopefully, Minzy did too keke.


Aberleigh also sent in another beautiful Sketch of Minzy and also a Customized 2NE1 T-shirt that she had screen-printed for 2NE1’s New Evolution World Tour.


Edlyn got Minzy a Friendship Bracelet-making Kit that ties in very nicely with Minzy’s crafty side.


Rachael from Singapore wrote a Letter for Minzy to cheer her on.


Abigail added on to Minzy’s yarn collection with a few more Knitting Yarns from Singapore.


A dedicated Minzy fan, Justine (@_JoOs), also wrote a Letter for Minzy.


Lerrick bought for Minzy a limited edition Lomography Camera to cater to Minzy’s photography interest.


Nadia made tons of red Straw Hearts and placed them in a heart-shaped glass jar just for Minzy! And if that was not already enough, she also gifted Minzy with a super adorable 3D Stich Puzzle!


Minzy loves her simple accessories and this Cross Ring from XY looks like it will fit Minzy well!

So, thank you so much once again to all our donors and supporters, the people who submitted your lucky star wishes, those who sent in your gifts and those who were right there for us right from the beginning. We’d also like to thank Kongdot again for helping us deliver our gifts safely! The EM Staff are always extremely grateful to each and everyone of you! Let’s hope all of us can meet again the next time we carry out a project just for our girl ^.^


Meanwhile, continue to spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7! Let us together anticipate what adult Minzy has in store for us this coming year and the years to come, shall we? ^^

Gong Mingkki fighting! Blackjacks will always be supporting and loving you!

EM Staff


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