PROJECT #6: A belated ‘Coming-of-Age’ Day for Kong Minzy ♥

Presenting EM’s 6th Project for Kong Minzy ♥

The term ‘Coming-Of-Age’ is most probably a term that everyone would easily understand. It is what it says, that is someone coming of age, or to explain it further, making that important transition from childhood to adulthood. The age and nature of this transition varies between different culture and societies.

In South Korea, this event happens at the age of 20, and is celebrated as the Coming-of-Age (성년의날) Day on the Monday of the third week of May. Traditionally, everyone who is turning 20 that year will get to wear traditional Korean clothing together with accessories such as binyeo (비녀) for girls & gat (갓) for boys. Our beloved Mingkki was one of the many youths in Korea who celebrated the ‘Coming-of-Age’ Day this year.

theEROMAKNAE Staff had a bit of confusion regarding the dates for Minzy’s Coming-Of-Age day because we thought that it’d be the 1993 babies who turn 20 (21 Korean Age) this year that’ll be celebrating it. However, due to the Korean culture, Minzy, who is an early 94′er, is celebrating her Coming Of Age this year too! So, this project will thus be a belated project. Better late than never right? Keke

The traditional gifts to give the new young adults celebrating this day are: 1) Perfume 2) Flowers 3) A Kiss. Thanks to all our amazing donors, EROMAKNAE has managed to achieve gifting Minzy with these three gifts!

Without further ado, here are the pictures of the gifts that we presented to Minzy ^^


The first gift – Perfume. After much consideration of what type of perfume we should get Minzy, the EM Staff came to a decision to get for Minzy ‘Flowerbomb’ by Viktor & Rolf. This perfume has a sweet floral scent that we think Minzy would like. We got for her the 100ml bottle and we hope she will be able to make use of it well. The gift was safely passed to Minzy when she was in Singapore for Asia Style Collection Event on 22nd June ^^


The second gift – Flowers. Roses are the traditional type of flowers to gift to the teens celebrating Coming Of Age Day in Korea, so we got for Minzy roses too ^^ This bouquet of roses were personally handpicked by one of our admins with the help of her friend, Edlyn, in Korea. The flowers were directly passed to Minzy herself at Incheon International Airport when the 2NE1 girls were returning from Singapore on 23rd June.

Just a short fanaccount of passing her the gifts, when Minzy received the flowers from our admin, she said a cute “Thank youu~” in that deep husky voice of hers. Also, another fun fact, when Minzy was holding the flowers, she almost dropped it as she was signing for too many fans, but she managed to quickly rescue it with the help of her manager before it dropped to the ground ^^


Last but not least – Kisses. In the form of messages keke. As we were not able to give Minzy actual kisses, EM collected messages from the donors of this project who expressed their love and extended their congratulations to Minzy on this special day of hers. The messages were printed onto personalized message cards designed with lips/kisses in the background by one of our admins. These messages were passed directly to Minzy herself on the same day we passed the flowers to her!

This is the final packaging of the entire project. The EM Staff would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to these following people for ALL their help and contribution to this project. We certainly could not have done it without you guys and we’re always in debt to you for helping us to make this project a success ^^

  • EROMAKNAE Staffers
  • DCmyminzy
  • ukYGqueens
  • Ali Anderson
  • Tyler
  • Emi
  • mickayye
  • Jenni / PEDOBEAR
  • Nadiaishere
  • Rara
  • Ben
  • Badj
  • Hiyori
  • Lane
  • XY
  • Zak
  • Helene
  • Rida
  • Ying
  • littlestone_
  • wwlftwwflt

A note to our donors for this project, we’d also like to take this chance to inform you guys that there are leftover money from this project. We will be using whatever is left for a comeback support that we’re preparing next. Once again, huge thanks for your contribution ♥

To all our followers and readers, do look out for the next project which will be a comeback support for 2NE1’s upcoming comeback ^^ But in the meantime, continue spreading, sharing, and showing the Minzy love! Let us always love and support our dearest girl ♥

EM Staff

P.S. If you want to see pictures of Minzy holding the flowers and the gifts at Incheon International Airport, you can view the pictures in these following links 1 | 2 | 3  Oh! Also, Minzy gave another autograph to EROMAKNAE keke. Check it out here ^^


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