PROJECT #7: UNITED MINZY FANS 2013 ‘Do You Love Me’ Comeback Support

Presenting EM’s 7th project for Minzy – United Minzy Fans, a collaboration with other Minzy fansites ♥

After several months of hiatus, 2NE1 was finally back with new singles in 2013 – Falling In Love, Do You Love Me & Missing You. To celebrate their comeback then, several Minzy fansites (공민지닷컴, EROMAKNAE, SnazzyMinzy, Baidu MinzyBar, GlobalMinzy & WeLoveMinzy) came together in organizing a united support to show Minzy we are cheering her and her unnies on. Unfortunately, we were not able to conduct this support for all three comebacks – we were only able to do this for 2NE1’s Do You Love Me Comeback.

In this project, we prepared a Food Support for 2NE1 & their staff who worked diligently hard along with the ladies for their comeback. A full meal was prepared individually for all four members of 2NE1, the staff received sandwiches & packet drinks, and some snacks and canned drinks were also prepared for all of them. Pictures of the entire Food Support can be seen here:

Instead of the usual basket of flowers with a message, we decided to get creative and got a basket of Fruit Messages, where messages were carved onto oranges & bananas. We also prepared a Cake and collected Support Messages for Minzy from fans all over the world, and they were made into message cards.

Below are some pictures of the above-mentioned support:



The delivery took place on August 7th during 2NE1’s pre-recording of their M!Countdown Comeback Stage. On the very day itself, Minzy also gave a shoutout of thanks for the support that was organized with the Fruit Messages basket and the cake box seen in sight in her picture (:

“고마워요!!! I love u!!!”
“Thank you!!! I love you!!!”

We’d like to thank each and every one of you who contributed to this support, be it financially, or by sending in your support messages or even the moral support you gave us. Thank you so much, and let’s always continue supporting and loving our dearest girl, Gong Minzy. Spread, show and share the Minzy love 24/7!

EM Staff


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