PROJECT #8: Gong Minzy’s 2NE1st Birthday #Happy2NE1stMinzy


Minzy’s 2NE1st birthday came and went really quickly earlier this year. Our dearest girl turned the significant age to anyone who is a 2NE1 fan – she turned the big 21 this year, on 18th January 2014! Turning 21 years old also means that Minzy is now at a legal age to participate in South Korea’s elections too, along with various other legal matters.

During Minzy’s 2NE1st birthday, it was to our utmost disappointment that we were not able to conduct much of a birthday support due to the EM admins’ hectic real life during that period of time.  However, we still managed to get some simple meaningful gifts for Minzy. Together, with various other Minzy fans & fansites, we combined all of the fan gifts for Minzy’s 2NE1st Birthday and presented it to her under the name of United Minzy Fans once again ^^


For us, we got for Minzy two large photo frames that has the embellishments “FAMILY’ & “FRIENDS” on each of it respectively. We’ve learnt throughout the 5 years of loving Minzy that she treasures her family & friends very deeply. There was also something she said in 2NE1’s Photo Essay Book that struck us deeply –

You have to realise that I didn’t get to go to school, so I’ve never gone on school trips or traveled with friends. This little trip felt like a picnic with friends. It felt like a gift, and I really enjoyed it. You know all those photos that we took? I will put them all over my room. I’m someone who really values memories.” [x]

Because of what Minzy said here, we’ve always been wanting to get Minzy some photo frames so that she will have a form of casing to display the precious memory-filled photos she’s taken with both her family & friends, enabling her to keep those memories safely tucked away while being able to see it all the time too on display. We especially liked these photo frames as they coincidentally have the words FAMILY & FRIENDS on them, the people whom Minzy keeps close to her heart.


In addition, we also printed out some photos of Minzy with her family & friends which she can immediately use for display on the photo frames – that is if she has no other photo options. We printed out photos of Minzy with her mom, her dad, her older sister, her beloved Dougie, her 2NE1 unnies – group shots & each of her unnies -, Heeyun & even f(x)’s Luna. We do not know who exactly all her friends are, but we decided to give her these so she can make use of them for starters.

All the gifts from various Minzy fans & fansites were collated by Kongdot, who then had them all delivered to Minzy herself. Check out all the fan gifts that were prepared and collated for Minzy here: We’d also like to take this time to express our gratitude towards the admins of KONGMINZYDOTCOM, Minzy’s Korean fansite, for always going the extra mile to help international Minjas & Blackjacks out in helping to give our gifts to Minzy ❤

Ever grateful for the support of fans for Minzy, Dougie, as always, tweeted out a confirmation shot upon receiving the fangifts.



Thank you so much to all of you who have been supporting EM thus far. We will continue working hard to spread, share and show the Minzy love. Don’t be shy to join in together with us as we continue on this journey of loving the one and only Gong Minzy ^^♥

EM Staff


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