EROMAKNAE is made up of Staffers who are part of a community of Minjas that absolutely and dearly love Gong Minzy. Among us, there are various people in charge of various duties that keeps our sites active. As EM Staffers, our main duty is to ‘Spread, share and show the Minzy love 24/7‘. Because we wish to have more and more people loving our lovely girl, we warmly welcome anyone who can help us out in our duties as well.

Below is a list of our Staff Positions and duties. If you happen to be interested to help us out in spreading the Minzy love, feel free to take a look at the list to see if you fit any of the job scopes. If you do, you can fill up the application form that can be found at the end of this post.  Upon applying, please also make sure to take note of the General Requirements as an EM Staff, which is something that every EM Staff is expected of. Do also note that open positions depend on the site’s current manpower situation.


– Able to work in a Team
– Easily contactable
– Dedicated & Responsible
– Able to take initiative
– A Minzy-lover



Job Scope:

Keep the EM WordPress up to date with all of Minzy’s activities – News, SNS Updates, Photos, Videos, Fancams etc. WordPress Admins have the task of actively looking out for any possible updates that can be posted up onto the Blog.


1) Able to work with WordPress
2) Know how to be on the lookout for Minzy updates


Job Scope:

Ensure that the EM Tumblr is flurry with activity. As a Tumblr Admin, there is a responsibility to keep the the Tumblr updated not just only on Minzy’s activities, but also with new GIFs/Edits/Fanarts etc that can be either self-made or reblogged. While being able to make your own self-made GIFs/Edits/Fanarts as EM Material is greatly and highly encouraged, ensuring that our Tumblr is active is more important in this job.


1) Tumblr-savvy
2) Know how to work with Photoshop (or any photo/video softwares) to make and post GIFs/Edits/Fanarts etc. as EM Material


Job Scope:

Keep the EM Facebook up to date with news on Minzy’s activities. Facebook Admins are in-charge of reaching out to fellow Blackjacks/Minjas that lurk around on Facebook to get updates, so it is also essential for Facebook Admins to be able to interact with fellow fans and keep the ‘Group Page’ active and interesting.


1) Able to navigate and work with Facebook
2) Socially and responsibly adept at interacting with fellow fans.


Job Scope:

Translators are tasked to translate any Minzy news, SNS Updates, videos and information mainly from KOREAN-ENGLISH , JAPANESE-ENGLISH, CHINESE-ENGLISH vice versa. Translators also need to try sourcing for any news on non-English websites on their own so that they can keep the sites up to date with new Minzy news/info.

1) Good translating skills (KOR-ENG / JPN-ENG / CHI-ENG)
2) Know how to source for updates that are in Korean/Japanese/Chinese
3) Know how to navigate around mainly Korean/Japanese/Chinese websites


Job Scope:

Making graphics such as banners or icons for EM’s general use. Graphic Designers have the task to make Banners for projects, Icons for Twitter, EM logos, EM watermarks etc. Creativity is a huge must for this job.


1) Photoshop-savvy
2) Creative

*NOTE: We will require a portfolio from you to assess your graphics. 


Job Scope:

Help out in beautifying the various EM sites with layout designs. Site Designers have the task of ensuring that the EM Sites have beautiful and organized layouts that will make our readers/followers visit to the sites enjoyable.


1) Know how to work with HTML codes
2) Creative

*NOTE: We will require a portfolio from you to assess your HTML Coding skills


Job Scope:

To sub videos of Minzy with English Translations from our Translators. In an effort to spread more of the Minzy love around, EM also subs videos of Minzy in English and upload them onto our YouTube Channel.


1) Able to work with subbing softwares and/or video editing softwares
2) Able to upload videos onto YouTube


Job Scope:

Do write-ups/articles about anything on Minzy. E.g. Reviews of performances or MVs, opinion pieces etc. Writers have the responsibility to do up any sort of write-ups that can invite  fellow Blackjacks/Minjas to talk, discuss and spazz about Minzy to fulfill EM’s motto of ‘Spreading the Minzy love 24/7’


1) Good writing skills
2) Good English
3) Love for writing



Twitter / Tumblr:
Position you’re interested in:
Why do you think the position suits you:
Reason(s) for Applying as a Staff:
Portfolio: (for Graphic Designers & Site Designers applicants)

Fill up this form and email it to theeromaknae@hotmail.com. After which, we will respond once we’ve taken a look at your application. 

We hope to be able to work together with anyone who can make the Minzy-loving community a more vibrant and exciting place for Minjas as we share, show and spread the Minzy love 24/7. Our girl deserves the best form of loving, so, if you think you can contribute, we warmly welcome you to join us! To those who can’t, no worries either because you can still join in on the fun in the Minja community even if you are not a Staff (:

Minjas Unite! ❤


11 thoughts on “HIRING STAFF”

    1. Hi there! If you can create your own GIFs and is good at keeping Tumblr blogs active, you will be qualified^^ But other than those basic qualifications, we’d also want to see your reasons for applying, so do send in a formal application though using the form above if you do want to be part of our team, yea? Good luck with it and huge thanks for your interest!

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